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Personalised styling matters to you, so to us
Have you ever noticed why you fit better in some outfits than others? Style personality theories suggest that it is due to your body's essence.

Understanding the essences of your body enables you to choose clothes and designs with greater objectivity, increasing your chances of getting the most desired outcomes.

A study of different types can help individuals to accept themselves as they are, recognising that by being themselves they have the best opportunity to be more attractive and individual since there are many equally acceptable ways to express personality in clothes.

Harriet T. McJimsey

Art and Fashion in Clothing Selection (1973)

Overloaded wardrobe
Many of us have a wardrobe that is overloaded, but still can't find anything to wear. We buy expensive clothes but never feel happy about the wardrobe.
Overwhelming options
The choice overload theory states that an increase in the number of options to choose from may lead to adverse consequences such as a decrease in the motivation to choose or diminishing satisfaction with the option that is eventually made. As there are a tonne of different clothing options available these days, the mere notion of shopping brings stress and anxiety to many of us. Some just give up and cling to what they've tried and find comfortable, even if it's not always what's best for them.
Unsure what to pick
Some of us don't know what to choose or are simply less equipped to put the theories into practice, even after seeing numerous articles and videos on YouTube.
Leading a busy life
Some of us simply don't have time to look for and shop for ourselves since we are too busy with our jobs and lives.
Common problems faced by many of us

Personal stylists' vital role in solving many of the problems we experience
Empower stylists and make personalised styling accessible to more
From colour coordination to perfect fit, personal stylists know how to make fashion work for us, not against us. With the expertise to solve all our fashion woes, personal stylists are the secret to looking and feeling our best every single day.
An alternative to a one-size-fits-all approach to style, personalised styling is based on our unique body, lifestyle, and preferences. The problem is that high-quality styling services have traditionally been out of reach for many. But we're changing that. By streamlining the process and providing stylists with the right tools, we're making personalised styling more accessible than ever before. No more wasted time and money on ill-fitting clothes. Just a cohesive wardrobe that makes us look and feel our absolute best. With a personal stylist in our corner, getting dressed in the morning becomes a breeze.
Our App
Key advantages
How does our app work
Clothing and style can be deeply personal, and it's our mission to empower stylists to better serve their clients with empathy and care. Our digital platform streamlines the analysis and profiling process, allowing stylists to spend more quality time harnessing their creativity to craft the perfect looks for each individual. By digitising these essential tasks, we free up stylists to focus on what they do best - using their expertise to help clients feel confident and beautiful. Our solution is designed to enhance the stylist-client relationship, ensuring every person who walks through the door feels truly understood and valued.
Our adaptable system makes it easy to manage client profiles and records, catering to a wide range of client needs. So stylists can stay organised and efficient and, more importantly, devote more time to what really matters - their clients.
Streamline client management
Leveraging advanced clothing analysis, our app provides stylists with instant, personalised styling recommendations tailored to their clients' unique preferences and profiles. Spend less time searching and more time delivering exceptional service.
Intelligent Styling Suggestions
Whether clients prefer in-person or virtual styling sessions, our intuitive app makes it easy for stylists to communicate their ideas, visualise outfits, and guide clients towards their perfect look. Streamline the operations and focus on what stylists do best – empowering clients to look and feel their best.
Seamless styling, online and offline
Leverage our intelligent search functionality to quickly find clothing that aligns with clients' needs, based on their profiles or stylists own styling inspirations. Spend more time nurturing client relationships and growing the business.
Guided searches for perfect fits

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What's your body essence
Have you ever wondered why certain clothes fit you better than others? Style personality theories suggest that it is due to your body's essence.
Find your own beauty
We believe that your look should be uniquely yours, adapted to your distinct features and comfort, and reflecting your individuality.

If you don't know yours, contact us to get analysed.

This or that
Are you curious of these fashion items' style essences? Click to find out.

Heeled Pumps
Pointed Toe. Stiletto Heel. Patent Leather. Crimson Red Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Dramatic: 39%
  • Classic: 30%
  • Romantic: 24%
Denim Bustier
Bustier Top. Cropped. Open Back. Tied Front or Back. Denim Blue.

Style Essence:
  • Natural: 34%
  • Romantic: 23%
  • Gamine: 14%
  • Ingenue: 11%

Crepe Blazer
Straight Cut. Single Breasted. Classic Fit. Off-white Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Classic: 32%
  • Dramatic: 21%
  • Ingenue: 18%

Wide Leg Jeans
Mid Wise. Wide Leg. Classic Fit. Eggshell Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Natural: 52%
  • Ingenue: 16%
  • Gamine: 15%
Collared V-neck Cotton Blouse
Button Front. Loose Fit. Dropped Shoulder. Revere Collar. Off-white Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Natural: 47%
  • Ingenue: 14%
  • Classic: 12%

Raffia Basket Bag
Braided. Round Top Handle. Raffia (Natural Material). Oversized. Pale Gold Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Natural: 37%
  • Ingenue: 26%
  • Gamine: 20%

Espadrilles Flip Flop
Flip Flop. Espadrilles. Leather Trim. White Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Natural: 47%
  • Ingenue: 26%
  • Gamine: 10%

Strappy Ballerina Pumps
Ankle Strap. Pointed Toe. Suede Leather Finish. Black Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Dramatic: 36%
  • Romantic: 22%
  • Ingenue: 16%

Ruched Grab Clutch Bag
Ruched. Grab Clutch. Small. Fabric. Round Top Handle. Off-white Colour.

Style Essence:
  • Ingenue: 52%
  • Classic: 19%
  • Romantic: 14%
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